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Alongside my day job, for over 30 years I have banged the drums.


In that time I have played in quite a few bands, performing hundreds of gigs up and down the country at music venues and festivals, and have recorded and released several independent albums.


As a designer, I often end up lending my skills to the groups I play with, creating logos, websites, album sleeves and promotional materials.


The examples shown here are something of a labour of love...


I am a founding member of Colvex, a three piece alternative rock band that plays powerful original material across a variety of styles. In 2012 we released our self-titled début album worldwide via Apple Music, Amazon and Spotify. This was followed up in 2017 with the release of our Last Man Standing EP along with an accompanying music video. Throughout my time with the band I have been responsible for the design of all our sleeve artwork and promotional materials for our live shows at venues and festivals across the country.

Six Go Mad

Latterly, between 2015 and 2022 I played drums for 80s covers band, Six Go Mad with whom I regularly performed at clubs, pubs, festivals, corporate and social functions. It was tremendous fun. Again, I designed the band's logo and website.

The Secrets

My first serious band The Secrets formed in the mid 1990s and to say that it became an obsession would be putting it mildly. We wrote, recorded and performed relentlessly at college bars, music venues and festivals. In the short space of just six years we self-produced and released three independent albums. I designed our album sleeves and the band also gave me my first experience in  designing websites. However, for all the dedication and effort, we only ever managed to achieve local success and in 2000 we decided to call it a day. It was fun while it lasted...

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